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Charter managment

Over the past 20 years, we have developed different kinds of services which we provide for our clients depending on their needs and their preferences. Thus we offer Yacht Charter Booking Services or Yacht Manteinance and Service, or both combined in a programme which we named the Euromarine Boat Ownership Programme. The Yacht Charter Booking Services is usually provided for the charter boat owners who want to combine profit with pleasure. The Euromarine Boat Ownership Programme allows you to make the most of your boat, both from the profit and the enjoyment side. The Yacht Manteinance and Service is designed for privately used boats and the owners who want the service provided for them to be tailor-made and perfect fit.

Yacht Charter Booking Service

The yacht charter booking services consist of regular advertising and promotion of your yacht, booking via our partner charter agencies & to direct charter clients, taking care of charter client check-in and check-out, finding the crew, maintaining, cleaning and keeping the yacht in seaworthy condition during the season. The annual yacht expenses are paid from the yacht charter revenue; insurance, registration, licenses, marina berth, engine services, servicing of the yacht and equipment… Your use of the boat You are welcome to use your yacht whenever she is not chartered or to decide on exact weeks during the season which you would like to reserve for your own personal usage.

Yacht Mainteinance and Service

    This service of Euromarine d.o.o. consists of:
  • Periodical checking, maintaining and looking after the yacht / engine / equipment in good order and condition and in all respects fit and serviceable for sailing/cruising,
  • Administration and preparation of all necessary documentation, certificates and inspections and acquire any necessary license to use the yacht as may be required from time to time at the Owners expense,
  • Cleaning and fuelling of the yacht at the commencement and completion of each usage and inspection of yacht / gear / equipment at the termination of each usage,
  • Boat positioning (transfer costs) if the boat is to be moved to a marina other than the home marina for charter,
  • Replacement off all the worn out parts or bad quality materials of the boat equipment,
  • Restoration or replacement of equipment damaged or ruined during the regular use,
  • Interventions or other repairs caused by worn out or bad quality equipment,
  • Hull and engine spare parts and the change of engine oil, filters and transmission belts,
  • Winter service and preparation for the cruising/sailing season after winter
  • Installation of other equipment at the owner's preference

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